Operational Risk Management

As there is an increase in globalisation and organisations start relying more on new technology, it is becoming more important to protect your organisation against your operational risks. LRQA's risk management services are solution-based services that will provide assurance to your organisation that your risks are effectively managed and controlled.

What is operational risk management?

Operational risk management is where organisations manage their operational risks by using processes to identify the risk, assess the risk impact and then implement risk management controls to mitigate or avoid operational risks from occurring.

With improvements in new technology, organisations are becoming ever more complex and new levels of operational risks are being introduced.  Where organisations are faced with these increasing operational risks or uncertainty their natural reaction is to avoid it.

Although these risks present significant challenges to organisations, they should not be ignored.  If the risks are not addressed then an organisation may be seriously exposed to the effects of operational disruption caused by factors outside of their control.

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