PAS 2080:2016 Carbon management in infrastructure

What is PAS 2080? 

PAS 2080:2016 provides a common framework for all infrastructure sectors on how to manage whole life carbon management when delivering infrastructure assets and programmes of work. The Infrastructure Carbon Review, was published by HM Treasury in November 2013. Within the review the opportunity for infrastructure value chain participants to cooperate in the development of low carbon infrastructure projects was recognised. PAS 2080 was commissioned in May 2016 and was introduced to increase awareness and understanding of carbon management within infrastructure, including energy, water, waste, transportation and communications. 

Targeted at leaders, asset managers, designers, product suppliers and constructors, who are responsible for delivering infrastructure, PAS 2080 promotes best practice in carbon reduction, reduced infrastructure deliveries and costs, collaborative working and supply chain innovation. PAS 2080 includes requirements for effective governance and leadership, quantification of greenhouse gas emissions, target setting, reporting, information management and continual improvement. 

Benefits of PAS 2080 

Enhance business performance - By managing defined relationships within your value chain, PAS 2080 can enable your organisation to streamline existing products and services to improve your business performance. 

Reduction in costs - PAS 2080 can help your organisation to build collaborative business relationships that strengthen your processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

Increase competitiveness - Implementing PAS 2080 can assist your organisation in gaining contracts in the UK and globally. Due to the carbon management principles within PAS 2080, organisations will be viewed favourably by economies seeking to meet their international carbon reduction commitments. 

Improve innovation - Managing effective collaborative business relationships enables organisations to apply new infrastructure and service solutions that meet new or existing market needs. 

Transparency - PAS 2080 will ensure that carbon is consistently and effectively quantified at key points, enabling carbon data to be shared transparently along the supply chain. 

PAS 2080 with Lloyd’s Register Our Approach 

Our assurance engagements are conducted in accordance with ISO 14064-3: Specification with guidance for validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions to provide reasonable assurance of the claim of conformity. In addition, Lloyd’s Register is accredited to a number of accreditation standards that relate to carbon management schemes.