Red Tractor Scheme for Farm Assurance

The Red Tractor Assurance scheme is designed to maintain, develop and encourage integrated assurance standards within the food industry. It aims to help consumers and retailers feel confidence about the quality of the products they purchase through increased standards.

The scheme looks at different areas including animal welfare, environmental protection, food safety and traceability.

In addition to slaughter and cutting of beef and lamb, the Red Tractor scheme has recently been extended to also cover:

  • Slaughter of assured pigs
  • Cutting of assured pork, chicken and turkey
  • Manufacture of assured pork sausages
  • Slicing and handling of assured cooked meats.

Benefits of the standard can include:

  • Proves the traceability and origin of a product
  • Opportunity to sell the products into a wider market
  • Encourages better farming practices and higher animal welfare standards
  • Gives consumers greater confidence in the quality of the products
  • Combined audits saving you time and reducing costs where possible.

The assessments look at multiple areas including animal health, veterinary medicines used, waste management, housing space allowance and vermin control, and provide a standard suitable for single and multi-species plants.

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