SMETA - Assuring your supply chain

"Undertaking a SMETA 4-pillars audit allows organisations to demonstrate to key stakeholders that they are committed towards responsible sourcing within their supply chain whilst improving efficiency and protecting their brand reputation."

Vincent Doumeizel
Vice President Food & Beverage, LRQA

To meet the long-term interests of your company and its stakeholders, it is important to ensure the quality and stability of your supply chain. This includes identifying and mitigating risks relating to labour standards, health and safety, sustainable use of resources, and company reputation. 

SMETA 4-pillars is an audit designed to support responsible sourcing practices and sustainable production systems. It places emphasis upon environmental and business integrity.

SMETA 4-pillars has been designed to meet a number of objectives which includes promotion of responsible sourcing within the supply chain and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of evaluation using a common methodology and allowing for the exchange of assessment data. 

Benefits of SMETA

  • Reduced duplication of effort through a standardised and shared approach to ethical trade audits 
  • Improved supply chain management - Improved brand protection through commitment to responsible sourcing 
  • Benchmarking opportunities against an international network of organisations. 

How LRQA help with SMETA?

Simply upload your data onto the Sedex database and this will help to reduce duplication of audits and data, and provides an effective way to share data with your stakeholders.

Make a SMETA enquiry

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