tScheme certification

tScheme provides valuable assurance to those organisations relying on electronic transactions so helping to foster a climate of trust necessary for the continuing growth of e-commerce. One of the organisation’s objectives is for the Scheme to become the preferred option for fulfilling Part I of the UK’s Electronic Communications Act.

LRQA was heavily involved in the development of the scheme and is currently one of only two organisations fully accredited by UKAS and recognised as having the capability and expertise to assess electronic trust service providers (TSPs).

Benefits of tScheme

  • Stakeholder confidence - demonstrate that your management system has been thoroughly evaluated against rigorous criteria
  • Reducing risks - identify and manage any risks to your organisation early
  • Reducing costs - by identifying risk early, you can reduce their impact and thus reducing the cost to the organisation
  • Best practice - subscribe to the tScheme Code of Conduct and demonstrate your commitment to customers and employees alike 

Why choose LRQA for tScheme?

  • Proven Track Record

  • We have high profile clients across the IT, public and telecommunications sectors. 
  • Experience

  • LRQA has been involved in the development of tScheme and we are one of only two organisations who can offer tScheme certification.
  • Information Security Specialists

  • Our assessors are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of information security standards and many are involved with the development of these standards.

What is tScheme certification?

tScheme is the independent, industry-led, self-regulatory scheme set up to create strict assessment criteria, against which it will approve Trust Services. tScheme approval will therefore be an essential element in providing a level of assurance to individuals, companies and government organisations using or relying upon e-business transactions.

tScheme only applies to electronic trust service providers (TSPs) who provide services including digital certificates and verification of identity. Organisations who rely on electronic transactions and even end-users need to be sure that TSPs deliver the services they promise honestly and efficiently.