Leadership for Results

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  Leadership for Results

  2 Days

You need this course if ...

  • you are a team leader or manager involved in building and motivating a productive team

By the end of the programme you will have ...

  • described the links between culture and values and the ways in which managers can influence behaviour
  • examined and defined your role in creating a motivational working environment
  • identified clear management actions to create the model of commitment
  • identified the ways in which you can win commitment through leadership
  • practised influencing skills to ensure commitment, rather than compliance
  • demonstrated your ability to choose the appropriate leadership style for each stage of development of the team and the individual
  • defined the characteristics of a high-performing team and examined their own team against those criteria
  • practised group consensus and determined ways of introducing consensus as a way of building commitment to decisions
  • examined how and why people behave as they do and the impact of culture, beliefs and attitudes on behaviour
  • defined the role of the facilitator and demonstrated your understanding of the role of the manager as a facilitator

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