Gap analysis

Before starting the assessment process, many organisations choose to have a gap analysis to enable them to understand where their management sits in terms of compliance to the standard or scheme and what remedial action – if any – needs to be taken.

A Lloyd's Register gap analysis performed by one of our International Register of Certified Assessors (IRCA) reviews how your management system has addressed, or plans to address, all requirements of a standard or scheme. This analysis gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about your system, or the assessment process, with us.

Gap analysis benefits

  • Identify any risks in your processes.
  • Discover what is required to get your organisation up to auditable standards
  • Establish a time frame and cost.

Selecting a gap analysis prior to the certification, validation or verification process,can be a wise investment as it can help you to identify any weaknesses in the management system, and will help the assessor estimate realistic timescales for the certification assessment. If the gap analysis shows any major deficiencies in your system, it is important that you allow for a period of consolidation and maturity before we carry out the certification assessment. Gap analysis uses a sampling technique. The analysis will concentrate on interpretation and implementation of the relevant requirements rather than on detailed conformity.

Pre assessment audit for management systems

If you’re in the early stages of implementing your management system or looking for a dry run before an assessment visit, a pre assessment audit is a great way to review critical, high risk or weak areas in order to create a certifiable system.

Available across all management systems and standards, pre assessment audits allow you to decide on the key areas you would like to be reviewed and the duration of the visit. It can look at how existing management systems or procedures can be used within your chosen standard.

It really is a great way to road test your management system.

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