Pressure Vessel Manufacturers Forum (PVMF)

The Pressure Vessel Manufacturers Forum (PVMF) is a networking group of leading UK pressure vessel manufacturers who meet on a regular basis to share industry knowledge with regard to materials, production processes, international standards, legislative and employment issues.

The PVMF is sponsored and organised by Lloyd’s Register, but is chaired on a rolling basis by senior management representatives of pressure vessel manufacturers and the agendas are determined by the members of the forum.

The forum provides the opportunity to:

  • Explore opportunities for collective representation
  • Investigate opportunities to collaborate
  • Network
  • Identify subjects of interest for discussion/presentation
  • Discuss business trends, legislative changes etc
  • Promote capabilities, approvals and specialist services available from forum members

The PVMF meets three times a year and invites along guest speakers from relevant industries or other trade bodies or associations. For more information about the PVMF download the flyer here.

The list of members are shown as below and if you click on their name, this will show their manufacturing capabilities and approvals.

For more information or to register to attend email

Steve Newall of CPE Pressure Vessels talks to us about the industry

Current PVMF Members

Affiliate PVMF members