LRQA Small Business Scheme

Small Business Scheme Banner
“My MD has asked me to get ISO 9001 . . .
“A client is asking for ISO 14001 . . .
“We’re tendering for a job, which specifies OHSAS 18001 . . .

. . . I could do with some help!”

Are you missing out on new opportunities? Certification of your management systems can open doors to new markets, help you reduce risks and even cut costs.

If you’re looking at certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and / or OHSAS 18001, our Small Business Scheme can give you all the support you need and guide you in the right direction.

So if you employ up to 45 fulltime employees (or equivalent), work from one site and your company is low risk, you could benefit from our scheme.

LRQA has been providing independent assurance of management systems for many years.  We understand the constraints that every growing business is under and our Business Assurance approach ensures we are dedicated to helping you through your certification process.

We can even put you in touch with independent consultants who have experience of your industry and can help you implement your system.

If you’re already certified, we can transfer you to LRQA quickly, easily and at no extra cost, as long as your existing certification body is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Be careful of non-UKAS accredited bodies offering management system certification.  Often the certificates aren’t recognised and you may find yourself excluded from tenders.