LRQA attends the FSB Conference

LRQA attended the FSB Conference at the end of March where we showcased our Small Business Self-start Toolkit. The Conference and Exhibition ran from Thursday, 27 March until Saturday, 29 March 2014 and was a chance for SME's to listen to high-profile speakers, quiz the panel on current issues and network with other SME's.

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In today’s competitive environment it's important to prove your business processes are sound. Certification to an international management system standard can open doors to new markets, help you reduce risks and cut costs.

So in time for the FSB Conference, LRQA produced a Small Business Self-start Toolkit to help organisations implement international management system standards for quality - ISO 9001, environmental - ISO 14001, and Health and Safety - OHSAS 18001.



Lynne Fitton, SME and Prospects Manager, representing LRQA at the FSB Conference

LRQA's Small Business Scheme 

If you employ up to 45 fulltime employees (or equivalent), work from one site and your company is low risk, you could benefit from our Small Business Scheme. We also have a Micro Business Scheme for growing organisations with up to 5 fulltime employees (or equivalent). 

Organisations will benefit from the same level of support that the Small Business Scheme can offer, but they will also qualify for a combined Stage 1 and 2 initial assessment visits (per standard).

For more information or to speak to your dedicated Small Busienss Advisor, complete our online enquiry form