In-House Training from Lloyd's Register

Lloyd's Register has long recognised that people and management systems are at the very heart of all organisations and that high performing companies are those that invest wisely in the development of both to achieve great results. This is why LR has invested heavily in the development of its in-house training capabilities and specialised LR trainers to deliver high-value bespoke solutions. We can dynamically train your people, transfer the learning and develop your management systems at the same time.

Lloyd's Register in-house training ensures that organisations’ investments in training are focused on actual business needs, the purpose of specific management systems and the learning needs of your people. Our bespoke solutions approach ensures transfer of learning through working with and developing your actual management systems helping to get your organisation where it wants to be. The benefits of in-house training:

Organisational success depends upon the capability of individual functions and roles, but also upon the effectiveness of leadership, the suitability of management systems & processes and the people who implement them in a coherent and effective way. LR in-house training and development solutions deliver the results that organisations require and expect.

Lloyd's Register in-house training and development solutions include

  • Specific training and systems development needs analysis, followed by the design and delivery of bespoke blended solutions and evaluations.
  • Executive leadership and management briefing sessions.
  • Facilitation of training programmes to identify and manage risks, opportunities and known issues.
  • Facilitated workshops for management systems design and implementation, using proven improvement methodologies, tools and techniques.
  • Learning and development for top management, management system owners and process managers and internal & outsourced supply chain auditors.
  • Delivery of standard courses with real-time ‘live’ tailoring of sessions using your actual management systems.
  • Support coaching and mentoring sessions by specialist trainers which can be delivered in-house or remotely.

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The benefits

  • High return on investment through bespoke solutions that deliver expected results 
  • Reduced training and development costs per delegate 
  • You decide in partnership with your LR trainer the what, who, where, when, how and why for the bespoke in-house training solutions. 
  • Training and development solutions are aligned to your organisation’s strategic direction, business objectives, including scope & purpose of your management systems and improvement targets. 
  • Opportunity to bring directors, managers and/or their key teams together to ensure unity of purpose, co-ordinated improvements and achievement of high performance.
  • Opportunity to train your people and develop your management systems at the same time in their working environment, instantly transferring learning into the workplace and achieving real-time improvements. 
  • Minimal disruption to people and daily business operations – Faster and more efficient pathways to initial certification of your management systems.

Our Promise and Commitment

At Lloyd's Register, we always strive to work in close partnership with you to design and deliver the most effective and cost-efficient in-house solutions, maximising your return on investment through events that meet your needs and deliver the results you expect. It’s all about the development of you, your organisation, your management systems and your people.