ASME IX – An introduction to Welding Qualification

2 days

£800 ex VAT

This course will provide participants with an opportunity to develop an insight and overview of ASME Section IX. By attending, participants will be better positioned to help their organisations meet the welding qualification requirements of the ASME Code.

You will

Those responsible for, or involved with, quality control, inspection and qualifying welding procedures and/or personnel.

You will learn

  • Section IX – Organization, content & structure and how it interacts with other ASME Code Sections
  • Article I – Welding General Requirements
  • Article IV – Welding Data
  • Article II – Procedure qualification records & welding procedure specifications
  • Article III – Welder performance qualifications & welding operator performance qualifications
  • Article V – Standard WPSs
  • Part QB – Brazing & Part QW – Plastic fusion
  • Appendices – Mandatory & non-mandatory
  • Delegate exercises and case studies, including preparation of PQRs, WPSs and WPQs