Construction Productions Regulations (CPR) - Responsible Welding Coordinator

Course length

  • Part 1 Distance Learning - 30 hours’ pre-course work – Foundation Studies £250 + vat
  • Part 2 16 hours of intensive training at LR with a Certified International Welding Engineer (C-IWE) £995 + vat
  • Part 3 – Distance learning - 60 hours of post course case studies – Application of welding coordination £380 + vat
  • Package Price: £1500.00 ex VAT *
  • Part 4 – Site visit to assess competence £poa

*Those holding appropriate qualifications / experience in welding inspection or welding co-ordination may be exempt from parts 1 & 3 on a case by case basis.

This two-day course provides an in-depth explanation of welding coordination, as well as how to implement and apply it. The pre-course work explores a range of technical subjects within your own company so as to provide awareness of the CPR and the needs of satisfying EN 1090 for CE marking.

Post-course real world case studies help ensure what has been learnt can be applied in the field.

This course is for

Candidates with an interest in becoming involved as an RWC or as a Welding Coordinator (WC) and need to be currently involved in either Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, or Inspection and Testing of welded products.

You will learn

  • What the RWC's role is and why such a role exists
  • Who the different stakeholders are
  • What you need to do to comply
  • How your existing manufacturing or procurement strategies can be adapted
  • How to apply key knowledge and skills with worked examples and group exercises.