Verification assures your reported data and information to confirm that they are reliable and supported by effective management systems. On reviewing your information, we can confirm your capability in delivering against an agreed set of criteria and where appropriate provide you with a verification statement.

Our focus at LRQA is on helping clients to assure that their sustainability strategies and climate change assertions are trustworthy. This helps ensure you are able to receive a fair reward for sustainability improvements from the financial markets, regulators and customers.

In terms of climate change schemes, we can assure your greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction or removal project design data and documentation. Our opinion confirms your projects are able to deliver greenhouse gas emission removals or reductions against agreed criteria.

Whether you are looking for verification of your organisation's emission of greenhouse gases, bespoke verification of your supply chain or want an external view on the effectiveness of your risk management processes and procedures, we have the verification experience and expertise to help.

By choosing verification services from LRQA, you can give the people that matter to your business, the assurance that your information stands up to close scrutiny.